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Of all the beachfront condominiums available along the Alabama coast, over a dozen Seawind owners see the complex as such a strong, attractive investment that they own multiple units. For that many people to have a similar mindset, there must be compelling reasons. These testimonials offer some of their stories and what they’d like to share with you regarding their view of the value of Seawind Condominiums.

We purchased our first Seawind unit in 2019 after previously owning two condos in Orange Beach, AL. Owning those, we learned the importance of condominium properties having both a financially stable Owners Association and a responsible Board of Directors that is forward thinking and are good stewards of the Association’s money. We were also looking for a great location within walking distance of restaurants, shops, entertainment, and of course it had to be directly on the beach.

We were so happy with the results of our purchase at Seawind that in 2021 we bought a second unit. My family enjoys our beautiful condos, the amenities and fabulous beach. Some might ask, why invest in two units in the same complex, rather than diversify across other properties? The answer is clear for me. It is a beautiful, well-built newer building with a good Board and responsible owners. The units provide very good rental income and are a great investment for my family that we can enjoy whenever we want.

Roxanne H.

We bought our first Seawind condo in 2012 after some friends we were visiting in a different building suggested we start looking. We loved having our own condo and loved going to Gulf Shores.  In 2015, another unit became available and we bought it sight unseen (not the best plan!).  It needed plenty of TLC, but we had such faith in Seawind because of its location that we were comfortable with it. .Both condos are used exclusively for rentals.

The main factor that led to us buying a second unit at Seawind is the location. It’s within walking distance of a great many amenities.  Also, if you’re going to own multiple properties, being in one building makes it so much easier when doing maintenance, repairs, updating, or deep cleaning.  Further, we feel the Board of Directors and our new management company have the best interests of the owners in mind with decisions that are being made.

Sharyl S.

We bought our first Seawind condo in 2016 after comparing it to all of the newest gulf front buildings in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach.  It was a no brainer.  Best prices, best amenities, best location, reasonable COA dues, strong COA financials, strong COA board and great cash flow.  Less than a year later we purchased a second unit in 2017.  Both units have exceeded our expectations in equity growth and cash flow.

Darin D.

In 2018 we were looking for an investment. Learning about the steady, continual growth of the Gulf Shores/Orange Beach area, we decided to consider buying a condo. We visited five available properties in the area, each having its pros and cons. The last complex we visited was Seawind. When we walked the property, viewed the condo, and recognized how close it was to several popular venues, it didn’t take us long to decide that was where we needed to buy. We closed in December 2018 and over the next two years realized Seawind was one of the best investments we could have made. Even with the beach and business closures, and cancellation of popular events due to COVID, we were still cash flow positive.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sally that struck in September 2020, it became obvious how sound the structure is compared to others. This was a major factor that convinced us to purchase a second Seawind unit as we wanted more space for our entire family to vacation together. The income from these condos has enabled our family to enjoy two to three cost-free vacations a year. Even after using both units for multiple vacations yearly for our family, we are comfortably able to do yearly maintenance and updates while still enjoying yearly profits and asset appreciation. This is by far the best investment we could have made.

Sharon P.

I purchased my first unit in Seawind in 2016 after looking in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach for several months. I had stayed as a guest at Seawind and really loved the location and the layout of the units, but none were available at first. My realtor notified me when a unit eventually came on the market.  I looked at it and signed a contract to purchase on day 11 of the listing. Having watched the market, I knew any listing in the building would sell quickly.  After updating the unit, I began marketing it as a vacation rental and it has been a great experience!

While I love this unit, I always wanted one of the units that have two bedrooms with Gulf views and access to the large balcony. In 2021, one became available and I had my realtor send me a video walkthrough. It was incredible, so I made an offer. I use this unit for both personal use and as a vacation rental. I love Gulf Shores and the Seawind complex! We have a great Board of Directors that are owners themselves and have the best interests of the complex and all owners in mind. I look forward to many years at Seawind.

Tomi T.

401 E Beach Blvd, Gulf Shores, AL 36542


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